Intruder Alarm Systems

Commercial Security

The value of having an alarm speaks for its self. The police say most burglary is opportunistic, committed against the weakest available target. Make sure your property and possessions aren’t targeted by protecting them with an alarm. Most insurance companies give discounted premiums for having a professionally installed alarm. Protection is not vastly expensive, not compared to the misery of having intruders in your property. Central installations will work with you to develop a security system that is ideal for you and your business, giving you peace of mind that your business is protected.

Domestic Security

At Central Installations we’re experienced in dealing with many different aspects of domestic installations from large houses to bungalows and flats. Wireless security systems. These systems are most popular as they require little or no cabling, reducing the amount of installation time and cost.keypad

Wired security systems

Some customers still prefer or need a wired system, the equipment we use allows us to do both, wired and wireless. Many customers wish to enhance their home security for example; adding remote key fobs removing the need for codes. 


Central installations use East Midlands Monitoring Station to monitor both intruder and CCTV systems. An intruder alarm system is only as good as the response it initiates. Once an intruder has been detected, a signal is transmitted to the communicable centre, where the action is taken to alert the key holders/emergency service where appropriate. The system has been developed to become more than an intruder system and is now offered as a home protection system.

Door access

Central Installations offers a wide range of commercial and domestic door access systems, video, audio or coded door lock entry, its the simplest way to enhance and secure your building.
Coded door lock. This is the simplest version, they are fitted to the door and designed to allow only the persons who were given the code to gain entry.

Door entry systems – audio/visual

This allows the caller to talk to a person in the building; they can then enable access via pressing a button on the handset. This is connected to a wall-mounted unit with an electrical door release.

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