Digital TV

Free Sat

Free Sat was set up to ensure everyone can access Free Digital TV no matter where they live in the UK. If you live in an area that can’t receive digital through your TV aerial, then Free Sat offers a great choice, and guarantees good reception.

Free Sat offers you great choice of free channels with no monthly bill. Getting Free Sat installed is easy!

All you need is a Sky Dish and a Free Sat receiver, or a TV with built in Free Sat tuner and arrange for one of our experienced engineers to install them for you.

Sky & Sky+

Central Installations are accredited Sky TV installers, this means we can organise Sky cards and all the equipment and install it for you. All you need to do is decide which is the perfect Sky package for you.

Easy features ie: - Live pause and re-wind, record and series link. Sky HD gives you sharper images and detail. It has changed how we watch TV.


Freeview offers a great many channels free of charge including TV and Radio, the wide range of channels include BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Fiver, Dave, BBC News, CBeebies, History and many more.

To receive Free View you just need to plug your Free View set top box into your compatible TV aerial. Digital aerials can receive far more channels via digital transmission.

In order to receive digital signals you need certain parameters in place to receive trouble free viewing. This is not to say your existing aerial will not work, it may do but isn’t likely to be reliable. If your aerial or cables aren’t up to the job your picture may occasionally freeze or may not work at all.

You may just need your existing aerial repairing or cable replacing, which is why you need honest advice. It’s NOT all about just being sold a new aerial.

There is no such thing as a digital aerial, it’s about having an aerial that is compatible with your particular TV system.

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